Thank You Twitter For Helping Me Find My Clients Home

Dated: 12/01/2014

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She found me on one of those real estate websites and contacted me either because she saw I was highly recommended by previous clients, or that I had sold many properties in the area she was looking, or both.

With her hectic work schedule, we managed to meet up on the weekend and discuss her moving plans.  I think immediately we went out and took a look at some different homes for sale.  Some were, others were townhomes, and a few houses.  
We began focusing in on one neighborhood, Oak Lawn Heights.  Which was a bit exciting for me, since that is the neighborhood that I live in, and have for the last 13+ years.
At the time, there were a few homes that were recently renovated, and for her, that was attractive, especially after viewing “that one home” that, cosmetically, looked nice, but after spending more time looking at the details, it had more deferred maintenance than what she had hoped for.
After reviewing the neighborhood sales, taking into consideration the improvements that the investor had put into the home, we made an offer.  It was a fair offer, a starting point really.  We didn’t expect the seller to jump on the offer, but we felt that the asking price was a bit aggressive based on the recent neighborhood sales.
To our surprise, the seller did not want to give us a counter offer.  After speaking with the agent for a fair amount of time, a couple of days later we received a written response.  I was a little bit excited, but after reviewing, the excitement turned to confusion, or disappointment.  The seller countered our offer at full price.  Now I know we are in a strong real estate market, but my buyer had submitted an offer, expressing her interest in the property, and I thought the seller could have done the same, expressing his interest in working with my buyer buy offering a little “give” in a counter offer, but that was not the case.  What happened next, was very confusing, frustrating, well, a mix of emotions.
As I’m always connected to the computer in some fashion, days later I noticed a price reduction on the house that we wrote the offer on.  They reduced the price by $10,000!  Just days after they gave us a full price counter offer!.  Wow!  I guess they had not planned on making any adjustments to the price when we were trying to negotiate a contract on the house.  I would have thought that I would receive a call from the agent telling me the good news, but that was not the case.
I was looking at my twitter feed one day and noticed that a stager mentioned Oak Lawn Heights and that a home would be coming on the market soon.  I quickly replied to the tweet and asked that the owner, or their agent, contact me about the house.  Shortly after, we had an appointment to view a home that was not yet on the market.  Ultimately, this was not the house for my buyer, but as we drove out of the neighborhood, we saw a for sale sign that must have just been placed in the yard.
A quick phone call to the agent, and we were in.  Ultimately THIS is the house that my client purchased.
Of course the entire buying process takes a little while, about 30 days for this transaction.  And in this relatively short amount of time, that first house that we made an offer on has since made two more price improvements of $10,000 each, bringing the asking price down a total of $30,000 from that full price counter offer that we initially received from the seller.
Thank you Twitter for helping me find my client’s home.

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